Chicken Spit

Improve the versatility of your hog roast hire equipment by adding this to your set-up. The chicken spit set will help you cook up to 36 whole chickens at a time, meaning you can offer all your guests a tasty alternative to pulled pork.

This hog roasting accessory has to be one of the most striking accessories we stock. It features a five arm rotisseries that uses our standard spit pole and 240v motor. If you use our Platinum hog roaster you can take a peek at it in action through the viewing window, but don’t be surprised if your guests come up to the roaster and have a peek in too! When the chickens are ready, raise the support bars and get ready to carve in the open air. Each rotisserie arm can be removed individually to keep the visual effect of this grand gadget in place even as you cut your meat.

All our accessories have been developed by catering professionals to be easy to use and super-efficient at cooking. Give us a ring today and find out more how you can benefit from hog roast hire from us. We also stock a wide range of new items ready to buy – for the ultimate catering investment.